Chase-it is our payment chasing and scheduling tool. With Chase-it you can schedule payment reminder emails, letters and text messages using our fully customisable templates.

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Schedule payment reminders and customise customer communications

Chase-it lets you schedule customised payment chaser emails, letters, and text messages. Easily integrate with your accounting software in just one click.

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Chase it

Make payment chasing easy

Chase-it uses artificial intelligence to minimise the risk of late payment.

Save time with a fully automated process

Chasing payment has never been easier with automated chaser emails, letters and text messages.

Create your own Chase-it parameters

Use Chase-it to keep track of payment and communication history all from one place.

Personalise your customer communications

Choose from several fully customisable email, letter and SMS templates.

Customise your schedule

Use Chase-it’s scheduling tool to choose when and how you send payment chasers. Automatically group invoices together.

Automatically group invoices together

Save time by chasing multiple invoices in one communication, at one time. Chase payments based on real-time data. Real-time data ensures you’re never chasing payments that have already been paid.

Chase Payments on real-Time data

Real-time data ensures you are never chasing payments that have already been paid

Automatically synchronised data

Data is automatically synchronised from your accountancy package so you’re always up to date.

Seamlessly connect with your accountancy app

Chase-it seamlessly connects with your accountancy app so you can work from one platform.

Accurate forecasting and cash flow

Manage your cash flow and accurately forecast payments through effective chasing.

Communication paper trails

Chase-it logs your communication history with your customers giving you instant records.

Log expected payment dates

See at a glance when your customer has paid and when you last chased them for payment.

Get information in real-time

Know-it is the credit management platform you’ve been waiting for.

Get information in one click and
monitor your customers

Fully customise your email, letters
and text messages

Improve your cashflow, get
paid on time every time

Know it features:

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