Collect-it provides you with instant quotes to recover your overdue unpaid invoices. While we always hope you're paid on time and in full, Collect-it is there when your payments don't go according to plan.

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Collect your overdue, unpaid invoices

Use Collect-it to receive an instant quote to collect your overdue, unpaid invoices delivered in partnership with commercial debt recovery experts at Darcey Quigley.

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Get an instant quote

Collect-it provides you with instant quotes to collect your overdue, unpaid invoices with our partners.

Consolidates your information and builds your case

Collect-it consolidates your customer’s credit history using information from Check-it and Chase-it to build your case.

Unpaid invoice collection with the experts

Collect-it works in partnership with Darcey Quigley who are telephone commercial debt recovery experts.

Get real-time case updates

Collect-it provides you with instant quotes to collect your overdue, unpaid invoices with our partners.

Get notified of payment

Collect-it provides instant notification when a payment has been made.

Stay in control every step of the way

Receive case updates in your dashboard every step of the way from our collection partners Darcey Quigley.

Continued customer monitoring

Active collection cases will be monitored in real-time with a two-way data stream.

Pay a percentage fee to recover your debt

Use Collect-it to receive a quote to recover payment from late payers and bad debtors.

Work with experts who have 25 years experience

Our collection partners at Darcey Quigley have over 25 years experience of delivering results.

Only pay a fee if your debt is collected!

Collect-it operates on a no-win, no-fee basis meaning you only pay if your debt is recovered.

A risk-free collection approach

Collect-it is a risk-free approach to collecting your overdue unpaid invoices.

Commercial overdue, unpaid invoice collection

Our collection partners specialise in recovering late payment from businesses.

Get information in real-time

Know-it is the credit management platform you’ve been waiting for.

Get information in one click and
monitor your customers

Fully customise your email, letters
and text messages

Improve your cashflow, get
paid on time every time

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