Check-it is our company credit report and monitoring tool. It provides you with real-time data on the companies you do business with from independent and reliable sources in just one click.

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Automate your credit control monitoring

Check-it provides company business reports and monitoring from independent reliable sources like Graydon, Companies House, The Gazette and Unsecured Creditors.

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Check it

Improve cash flow with Check-it credit reports.

Access credit reports from leading credit reference agencies.

Credit information in one place

Check-it consolidates credit information about existing and prospective customers in one place.

Make informed business decisions

Use Check-it to help you make informed decisions today to transform your business tomorrow.

Monitoring from data sources you can trust

Keep track of your customers and their credit with daily monitoring from Graydon.

Access insights

Into your customer's credit behaviour from credit reference agencies and react quickly to any change.

Data from leading providers

Monitoring from leading credit reference agencies including Graydon, Companies House, London and Edinburgh Gazette.

Be protected from unsecured creditors

Unlock unique insights into your customer’s financial health.

Avoid potential credit risk

Be in-the-Know and avoid potential credit risk.

Easily identify good, ok and risky payers

Use Check-it to identify good and risky payers before you do business with them.

Take action against potential corporate fraud

Be instantly alerted to any potential fraudulent behaviour detected through financial transactions.

Identify fraudulent customers

Be alerted to anyone posing as legitimate customers or suppliers.

Be notified of major changes

Receive notifications for administrations, liquidations and potential fraudulent behaviour.

Get information in real-time

Know-it is the credit management platform you’ve been waiting for.

Get information in one click and
monitor your customers

Fully customise your email, letters
and text messages

Improve your cashflow, get
paid on time every time

Know it features:

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