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Know-it isn’t your standard financial services company – we make credit management simple and easy. Our innovative cloud-based credit management platform seamlessly integrates with all your leading accountancy packages such as QuickBooks.

Integrating with QuickBooks couldn't be simpler

Know-it seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, providing real-time customer credit tracking and data intelligence automatically. It helps automate your credit control process so you can make mitigate credit risk, effectively manage your credit and better understand your customer. Know-it helps you streamline your credit control process and save time trolling multiple sites to find the information.

About QuickBooks

QuickBooks is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

QuickBooks customers will enjoy having the ability to:

Know-it highlights any financial areas of concern with your customers that might impact on their ability to pay. It updates 24/7 365 days per year and brings together feeds from several sources all in the one easy to manage platform.

Our app helps credit control departments and business owners to streamline their credit control process.

Connecting your QuickBooks with Know-it takes seconds.

You can sign up directly using our existing QuickBooks Account login to automatically create a Know-it subscriber account or simply just sign-up for a new Know-it account and then simply connect your ledger from your QuickBooks Account.

Know-it will initiate a one way synchronisation with your contacts, billing, invoices and payments and match your data to our Know-it database to provide additional financial insight on your customers and financial stability.

Our system will then be monitoring any changes to your customers financial status and bring these to your attention. We don't change or alter your QuickBooks data, we only notify you of changes that can impact on your customers ability to pay or provide them with credit.

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