Our partnerships go beyond our product, they're about building great relationships!

We believe that great teams can accomplish even more through collaboration and we're passionate about helping each other grow through co-marketing.

Working Together To Help Each Other Grow


We can help amplify your brand reach through cross-promoting partner content.
If you have content our audience will be interested in we'd love to collaborate.

Joint Content

If we cover similar topics or we're trying to solve the same problems for our customers we'd love to collaborate with guest blog posts, articles, joint webinars and podcasts.


Our customers have other needs outside of cashflow and credit control that need met. If you have a useful and innovative product we can refer our users to you as a preferred partner.

Our Partners

Nimbla offer invoice insurance that enables businesses to insure single invoices against non-payment in seconds.

Protect yourself against customer defaults and increase your cashflow without waiting for your customers to pay you.

Nimbla provides a quote in seconds, so that we can protect your business within five minutes.


VFD Pro work with Accountants to help Entrepreneurs Survive, Thrive, Grow and Exit Successfully.

They help accountants improve returns for themselves and their clients whilst helping their practices grow.

VFD Pro offer a complete suite of solutions to help accountants better serve their clients to help businesses grow.


Take the stress out of managing cash flow and focus on running your business with Optimum Finance.

Raise your invoices and access your cash without waiting for them to be paid. Hassle-free funding that flexes to your business needs!

The process is so simple and you can receive an advance of up to 90% of the invoice value.

Optimum Finance

FutureX are a platform and community for upskilling purpose driven leaders and teams.

FutureX was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the world-class tools, networks and resources to succeed in business.

FutureX is a global education platform to transform the way business start, grow and thrive - powered by an inclusive community.


Early Pay from Saltare is a groundbreaking tech-driven solution that will transform the way payments are made and received.

Early Pay is a quick, simple, convenient way to facilitate payments. Giving you cash incentives to pay early. Giving your suppliers the security of knowing when they will be paid. And helping you provide businesses with the oxygen they need to survive – and thrive.

Using intuitive, mobile-led tech, you can manage your entire supply chain in a way that works for you and your suppliers.


Gigged.AI is accelerating the Future of Work by developing an ecosystem of interlocking products that makes hiring easy for companies and talent in the changing world of work.

Gigged.AI uses AI and blockchain technology to make it easy to find great freelance talent which ensures more tech projects are delivered.

Whether you are looking for your next gig or for top talent to help with a digital project then Gigged.AI can help.


Investing Women are an active and vibrant female-led angel investment syndicate.

Focussed on building women’s involvement in investing, we provide the knowledge, education and community to support existing and potential female angels and help them on their investment journey.

are a fast-growing and significant angel network, which provides a supportive environment for women to explore investment opportunities and to grow their collective portfolio.

Investing Women

AccelerateHER is a vibrant network of female founders and partners who share the passion to accelerate the growth, visibility and backing of talented female business founders and leaders.

Their purpose is to accelerate growth for female founders to scale companies, access investment & be visible to inspire others.

Offering bootcamps, mentoring and awards they are making a real difference for female entrepreneurs.

AccelerateHER Designation

Total Contractor is the only monthly magazine produced exclusively for contractors with an interest in roofing, cladding and insulation materials, systems and projects.

If you work on new build or refurbishment projects in the residential, commercial or agricultural markets, this is the magazine for you.

Total Contractor cuts through the spin and brings the contractor all the news, practical guidance and advice, as well as opinions and new product launches to help contractors both in the office and on site.

Total Contractor

Get in touch!

If we have topics that overlap, we’re trying to solve the same problems or you have a great product that meets the needs of our customers we’d love to hear from you!

We’re always open to partnering with like-minded forward thinking businesses so we can help each other grow.

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