Collect Your Overdue Commercial Debt

Collect-it provides you with instant quotes to recover your overdue invoices in just one click.

FREE for 30 days – no credit card required!

Get Paid! Collect Your Unpaid Invoices

Receive instant quotes to collect your overdue invoices delivered in partnership with commercial debt recovery experts at Darcey Quigley & Co.

At Know-it it doesn't matter what size your company is, no debt is too large or too small to recover with Collect-it.

UK Leading Debt Recovery Specialists

Collect-it works in partnership with Darcey Quigley & Co, one of the UK's leading debt recovery specialists.

Forward Thinking Debt Recovery

Get real-time updates from on-going debt collection cases direct to your Collect-it dashboard. When your payment is made, you'll be notified right away!

Instant Quotes And Only Pay A Fee If Your Debt Is Collected!

Collect-it is a risk-free approach to collecting your overdue unpaid invoices. First, we provide you with an instant quote for collecting your unpaid invoices.

After that, we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis meaning you only pay a percentage fee if your debt is collected.

Your Case Built Automatically

Know-it builds a detailed case when you need to use Collect-it to recover unpaid debts. The platform consolidates your customer's credit history and other data from Check-it and Chase-it to build an approach to recover your money.

Using Know-it's full suite of tools will automate your full credit control process. By using Check-it for company credit checking and monitoring along with Chase-it's payment chasing features you'll be a credit management Know-it-all!

Get information in real-time

Know-it is the credit management platform you’ve been waiting for.

Get information in one click and
monitor your customers

Fully customise your email, letters
and text messages

Improve your cashflow, get
paid on time every time

Know it features:


Use Check-it to better understand your customers with real-time credit data on companies you do business with.

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Stay on top of your chasing outstanding payments from customers with Chase-it's automated and personalised email, letter and SMS message templates.

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