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    automated credit control

    Credit Checking with Automatic Monitoring

    Check-it allows you to make better credit decisions with real-time credit data from Creditsafe and company information from Companies House, The Gazette & unique data insights.

    With automatic monitoring you'll always be notified of changes to your customer's credit report!

    Automatically Chase Payments

    Chase-it fully automates the payment chasing process, allowing you to schedule payment reminder emails, letters and SMS messages with fully customisable templates.

    Seamlessly integrate your Xero, Sage, QuickBooks or FreeAgent account to automatically chase payments!

    Our Microsoft 365 integration means you can send chasers from your own inbox.

    Collect Unpaid Invoices

    Collect-it provides you with instant quotes to collect your unpaid overdue invoices through our prelitigation recovery partner, Darcey Quigley & Co.

    Stay up to date with real-time case updates, receive instant quotes for recovery and only pay a fee if your debt is collected!

    Single Invoice Trade Credit Insurance New

    Credit Insure-it protects your business in the event your customer goes into liquidation or administration.

    Getting a quote is quick and easy and insuring select invoices is more cost-effective than traditional credit insurance. Credit Insure-it is powered by Nimbla.

    Invoice Finance New

    Invoice Finance-it allows you to find the funds to cover invoice payments easier and faster than before.

    Give your cashflow a nice boost instead of waiting to be paid by borrowing against your outstanding invoices. Invoice Finance-it is powered by Swoop.

    Our Integrations & Partners


    Know-it is absolutely free to sign-up! When new users sign-up they’ll get full access to Know-it for 30 days. Once those 30 days pass, users will move to our freemium model and will be able to purchase add-ons in the Know-it Marketplace. To give our power users even more value we’ve also created the Know-it-all package! This gives you everything included in the Freemium package as well as:

    • Five credit reports per month (worth £50)
    • Credit monitoring
    • Data insights
    • 20 Chase-it SMS

    The Know-it-all package costs just £169.99 per month and includes over £210 worth of features every month!

    Invoice Finance-it is powered by Swoop.

    Inside Know-it you’ll be able to click on the invoices you’d like a quote for. From there you’ll be taken to Swoop where you’ll receive a quote within seconds.
    When you sign up to the free 30-day trial of Know-it you can access all features of the platform. As part of the free trial, you will receive 1 free company credit with the option to purchase more if necessary. Certain features, for example, data insights, credit monitoring and additional credit reports are only available with paid versions of the platform and you will need to sign-up to the Know-it-all package or purchase add-ons to access them.

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    Know-it is the all-in-one credit control solution!

    Credit check and monitor the companies you do business with, automatically chase late payments and collect overdue invoices all in one platform with Check-it, Chase-it and Collect-it.

    We’ve also just added Credit Insure-it allowing you insure your invoices against the risk of administration or liquidation and Invoice Finance-it giving you the facility to access funding against your unpaid invoices!
    Know-it was created to save time and costs by removing the need to access multiple different platforms. It allows you to manage all your credit control functions, all in one place. Know-it completely automates your credit control process helping you to make credit decisions, effectively chase customers for payment, reduce your debtor days and increase cash flow all from one convenient platform.
    Yes, Know-it is completely cloud-based so you can access your account anywhere and from any device.

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