Single Invoice Trade Credit Insurance

Single Invoice
Trade Credit Insurance

Protect your business in the
event your customer goes into
liquidation or administration.

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Easily Insure Single Invoices In-Platform

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Getting a quote for insuring your single invoices couldn't be easier! Select the invoices you'd like to insure in Know-it and you'll be taken to our own Nimbla portal where you'll get a free quote!

Grow Your Business

Knowing that your cashflow is protected and you'll be paid you can confidently sell more to your existing clients, growing your revenue and boosting your profitability.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Insuring your invoices in the event of company administrations and liquidations helps protect your bottom line by ensuring you still receive the cash you're owed.

Choose The Invoices You Want To Insure

Credit Insure-it allows you to insure single invoices instead of insuring your full sales ledger. Insuring select invoices is more cost effective than traditional credit insurance.

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Single invoice insurance allows you to insure individual invoices. This is a much more cost effective method of trade credit insurance as previously businesses had to insure its whole turnover.

The single invoice insurance available through Credit Insure-it protects businesses in the event of their customers going into liquidation or administration.
Know-it is the all-in-one credit control solution!

Credit check and monitor the companies you do business with, automatically chase late payments and collect overdue invoices all in one platform with Check-it, Chase-it and Collect-it.

We’ve also just added Credit Insure-it allowing you insure your invoices against the risk of administration or liquidation and Invoice Finance-it giving you the facility to access funding against your unpaid invoices!
When you connect your accountancy package you’ll see all of the invoices you are eligible to get single invoice insurance for. In one click you’ll be taken to your own Nimbla portal where you’ll get a free quote!
Integrating your accounts package will help you get the most out of Know-it.

You’ll be able to identify which your customers pose a credit risk to your business, automatically chase overdue invoices and instantly access single invoice insurance and invoice finance in-platform.
Know-it seamlessly integrates with Xero, Sage, QuickBooks and FreeAgent.
Know-it streamlines your credit control by automating the complete process!

Now you have access to a tried and tested credit control process at your fingertips that does all the work for you.

By connecting your accountancy package we automatically match data from Creditsafe, Companies House and The Gazette to your customers giving you a complete financial overview.

Know-it will also identify which invoices are overdue and who your aged debtors are and will then automatically send customised chasers according to your own schedule.

For problematic customers you have instant access to leading commercial debt recovery specialists Darcey Quigley & Co to collect overdue invoices. Action your case and receive live case updates all in the Know-it platform!

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