A Web Based Debt Collection Software Solution

Collect-it is our web based debt collection software that provides you with instant quotes to recover your overdue, unpaid invoices.

Our collection and recovery software solution is the one thing your business can rely on. While we always hope you're paid on time and in full, Collect-it is there when your payments don't go according to plan.

Collect Your Overdue, Unpaid Invoices

Use Collect-it to receive an instant quote to collect your overdue, unpaid invoices delivered in partnership with commercial debt recovery experts at Darcey Quigley & Co.

At Know-it we provide a simple, stress-free outsourced credit control solution to businesses across all sectors.

Debt Collection Solutions With Over 14 Years Of Experience

Collect-it works in partnership with Darcey Quigley who have been providing debt collection solutions for over 14 years and are one of the UK’s leading debt recovery specialists.

Experts in debt collection and recovery, Darcey Quigley are a company that you can rely on when payment hasn’t gone to plan. Their combined experience doesn’t just help deliver a professional and efficient service, it creates a stress-free asset for your business.

Stay Up To Date With Real-Time Case Updates From Our Web Based Software

As Collect-it is a web based debt collection software, it’s able to provide you with an instant quote, that you can track the progress of, through your dashboard. Active collection cases will be monitored in real-time with a two-way data stream that goes live directly to your collect-it dashboard.

We believe that a debt collection software solution should provide you with peace of mind, that’s why we always aim to keep you up to date with the activity surrounding your case. When your payment is made, you’ll receive an instant notification so, as soon as we know, you’ll know.

Instant Quotes And Only Pay A Fee If Your Debt Is Collected!

Collect-it is a risk-free approach to collecting your overdue unpaid invoices. First, we provide you with an instant quote for collecting your overdue, unpaid invoices from late payers and bad debtors. The quote is based on the value and age of your debt and Darcey Quigley will prepare a tailored cost.

After that, we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis meaning you only pay if your debt is collected. Finally, you only pay a percentage fee to collect your debt.

Consolidates Your Information And Builds Your Case

Through using the Know-it platform you can build a detailed business case for your debt collection. Our debt collection software solution consolidates your customer’s credit history using information from our other services, Check-it and Chase-it to build an approach to recover your money.

Check-it is our company credit check service, along with Chase-it, our invoice reminder software we have you covered every step of the way.

Get information in real-time

Know-it is the credit management platform you’ve been waiting for.

Get information in one click and
monitor your customers

Fully customise your email, letters
and text messages

Improve your cashflow, get
paid on time every time

Know it features:


Use Check-it to get real-time data and reliable credit reports on companies you do business with.


Stay on top of your chasing outstanding payments from customers with Chase-it's automated and personalised email, letter and text message templates.

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