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Former Royal Bank chief in switch to Glasgow-based fintech firm

Former Royal Bank chief in switch to Glasgow-based fintech firm

GORDON Merrylees, a former managing director of entrepreneurship at Royal Bank of Scotland, has been appointed to a senior role at a Glasgow-based fintech company.

Mr Merrylees, who worked for Royal Bank for 36 years, has been named chief commercial officer of Know-it. The company is a cloud-based credit management platform which allows users to credit check, monitor, chase payments and collect overdue, unpaid invoices from one place.

Mr Merrylees praised for Know-it, founded by chief executive Lynne Darcey Quigley, for “delivering innovative, customer led solutions to support SMEs”.

He said: “I have a passion for innovation and in particular scouting and sourcing those new innovative solutions at an early stage and I’ve worked alongside many successful SMEs for years at RBS, but it was Know-it which caught my eye immediately and I just knew I wanted to be a part of this exciting, Scottish start-up’s growth journey.

“The issue of late payments, poor cash flow and inefficient credit control process can prove costly to a business, particularly on the back of a global pandemic as many SMEs are emerging with high levels of debt, low levels of cash and reduced confidence as they look to make their way in a trading environment that remains unpredictable and the Know-it innovative SaaS solution will set out to remove all of these pain points for businesses.”

Lynne Darcey Quigley said: “The appointment of an industry titan of Gordon’s calibre is a key acquisition for us and underpins our entire business strategy for the future. We hope his network and experience in working closely with Scottish businesses will help us connect with organisations who need our services the most.

“We have been working on the Know-it platform for almost two years. It’s been designed to ensure users are in a position to mitigate credit risk and the non-payment of goods and services whilst monitoring these businesses 24/7. But it is also important to not focus solely on the platform, but our personnel too and the opportunities they can bring into the business – Gordon’s experience will play a vital role in helping Know-it grow as an organisation.”

This article was originally published by The Herald.

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