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Know-It onboards award-winning UX designer focused on delivering a frictionless experience for customers

Know-It onboards award-winning UX designer focused on delivering a frictionless experience for customers

Credit management software firm, Know-it, has announced the appointment of James Plunkett, to the position of User Experience (UX) Designer and Product Owner. The appointment enforces the company’s commitment in putting user experience at the forefront of the Know-it strategy, enabling users to monitor customer and supplier’s creditworthiness, in the most seamless and initiative manner possible.

Know-it, is a cloud-based credit management platform which streamlines the credit control process, so users can credit check and monitor, chase payments and collect overdue, unpaid invoices all from one place.

Plunket, an award-winning designer with over 15 years’ experience, joins the business, having held similar positions for Kelpie Media, the Herald & Times Group, S1 and guitarguitar, where his work focused on delivering creative and innovative user-centric design and marketing concepts.

At Know-it, Plunkett will work directly with the senior leadership to support the launch of the Know-it platform, where UX will sit at the forefront, providing a frictionless experience for customers. The platform has been designed to appeal to all business-to-business organisations regardless of size and will ensure the principles of Know-it; Check-it, Chase-it and Collect-it, run intuitively across all aspects of the brand.

Discussing his appointment further Plunkett says, “Controlling, collecting, and processing payments from clients and customers is the lifeblood of any business, but managing this task can be a laborious and often challenging affair. At Know-it, we want to remove the pain-points traditionally associated with credit management by providing customers with a totally transformative experience. It’s not a case of just looking good, Know-it, has been designed to be intuitive and as user-focused as possible.

“We know simplicity breeds effectiveness – we don’t see anyone else in the market instil these principles into the solutions currently available and that is why we firmly believe we can make a positive contribution to businesses right across the UK.”

Discussing this further, Lynne Darcey Quigley, Founder and CEO of Know-it says, “The appointment of James is a key acquisition for us and underpins our entire online platform strategy for the future.

“We have been working on the Know-it platform for almost two years. It’s been designed to ensure users are in a position to mitigate credit risk and the non-payment of goods and services whilst monitoring these businesses 24/7. For the platform to work, the user experience needs to be unflawed and harmonious – we want to take away the common challenges felt and give customers the most effective tool possible to help improve their credit control processes. Having James’ experience and expertise is critical to this process.”

Customer trials of the Know-it platform are currently underway with a full launch of the platform expected in early Q1 2021.

Darcey Quigley concludes, “In this turbulent economic climate, when businesses circumstances are constantly changing, there is no better time to monitor the impacts on business and their financial positions. For us, this platform will have the biggest impact at this period.”

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